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Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

The Harford County Tobacco Workgroup suggests that e-cigarettes be kept away from public places, buildings and offices until they are closely regulated and more is known about them and their potential risks. They also suggest that school and human resources’ policies treat e-cigarettes just like other tobacco products.


Are E-cigarettes safe? NO.


  • are NOT safer than smoking tobacco
  • are NOT nicotine-free just because the label says so
  • are NOT an FDA approved method to quit smoking


  • An e-cig’s quality, ingredients or safety are not checked.
  • E-cigs have been reported to malfunction and explode.
  • The long term effects of using e-cigs are not known yet.
  • Studies are still on-going to learn the level of risk with using e-cigs.
  • A 2009 study found toxic, cancer causing substances in the e-cig liquid cartridge.
  • There is enough nicotine in 1 tablespoon of e-cig liquid to kill a 65 lb child.
  • If the e-cig liquid gets on the skin, it could cause nausea and vomiting.
  • Children who try e-cigs are likely to try smoking tobacco as well.
  • E-cig residue, in the air and on surfaces, may contain chemicals that are harmful to others.

 Now, ask yourself:

  • Do I know what is in the vial of liquid in e-cigs?
  • Do I know what the long term effects of using e-cigs are?
  • Do I know that e-cigs can cause illness and injury?
  • Do I know that e-cigs are not regulated?