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County partners met to receive the latest information on Ebola. To view the PowerPoint presentation, click here.

To listen to the narrated version of the presentation, click here.


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Quick Facts


What is Ebola?

How Ebola is Spread

Are You Ready?

Flu vs. Ebola

 Health Department’s Key Facts About Ebola 

 Health Department’s Steps to Control Ebola 

Ebola Infographic for print – How to contract Ebola

Ebola Infographic for print– West Africa Outbreak


For Ebola Facts in Other Languages

Spanish translated CDC Ebola site

Ebola Information in English:

Ebola Information in Spanish:

2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa in French:

Ebola Communication Resources (select resources in French and Spanish):

Can My Pets Be Affected?

 Find out here. 

Guidance for Dog or Cat Quarantine after Exposure to a Human with Ebola

Ebola Burials

Guidance for safe handling of human remains of Ebola patients 

For Healthcare Workers

Could It Be Ebola?

Ebola Algorithm 

Healthcare worker PPE equipment

Hospital PPE when caring for an Ebola patient

Healthcare Screening Tool

CDC’s Screening Tool for the Hospital Emergency Department

CDC’s Screening Tool for the Ambulatory Care Setting

Harford County Health Department’s screening algorithm 


Non-Healthcare Employee Clean Up Tips

OSHA Fact Sheet

Treatment and Vaccines

Read up on questions and answers on experimental treatments and vaccines for Ebola, here.

Traveling Guidelines

CDC’s Travel Info

Screening at Airports

Recently Traveled to Africa?


Health Department’s press release

Read the Governor’s press release 


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