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Medical Reserve Corps

 Harford County MRC


What is the Medical Reserve Corps?

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) was founded after President George W. Bush’s 2002 State of the Union Address in which he asked all Americans to volunteer in support of their Country.

The Harford County Medical Reserve Corps (HCMRC) was established in 2005 to organize and utilize volunteers, medical professionals and others, who want to donate their time and expertise to promote healthy living throughout the year and to prepare for and respond to emergencies. HCMRC volunteers supplement existing local emergency and public health resources.

HCMRC volunteers include medical and public health professionals such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, and epidemiologists. Other community members, such as interpreters, chaplains, office workers, and legal advisors, can fill other vital support positions.

What can MRC volunteers do?

  • Support local public health initiatives by:
    • promoting disease prevention
    • improving health literacy
    • eliminating health disparities
    • enhancing public health preparedness
  • Assist local hospitals and the health department with surge personnel needs.
  • Participate in mass prophylaxis and vaccination exercises and community disaster drills.
  • Respond to natural or man-made disasters.
  • Train with local emergency response partners.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone who wants to contribute to a health or medical emergency in Harford County. The following volunteer skill sets are needed:







Social Workers

Mental Health







What can you expect from the MRC?

By being a part of the Harford County Medical Reserve Corps, you can expect:

  • to serve the emergency public health needs of your community
  • to receive training in emergency and disaster management
  • to be assigned volunteer duties that match your background, skills, and expertise

What does the MRC expect from you?

Volunteers must be willing to respond to an emergency in the Harford County area on short notice, both during and after normal work hours or on weekends.

When deployed, volunteers should have their own transportation to the staging site and may have to work under stressful conditions and adverse environments.

Volunteers must be willing to work as part of a specialized team and attend annual trainings and exercises.

Volunteers will be provided with distinctive uniforms and must conduct themselves in a professional manner that instills the trust and confidence of the public and the emergency services community.

Volunteer Recruitment Process:

  • Submit application
  • Receive acceptance letter from HCMRC
  • Successfully complete orientation training

Volunteer Liability:

Anyone who volunteers as part of a formally recognized volunteer program is considered State personnel who enjoy qualified personal immunity from suit and liability in Maryland courts. The volunteer’s personal immunity is qualified under the Maryland Tort Claims Act in that the immunity under the Act is available only for acts or omissions of the volunteer that are (i) within the scope of the volunteer’s duly assigned and accepted State program responsibilities and (ii) committed without malice or gross negligence.


For professional and non-professional personnel, complete the Harford County MRC Application.

For more information, contact Lisa Swank by phone at 410-877-1026, by fax at (410) 420-3448, or by e-mail at