Healthy People in a Healthy Environment

Phase 4: Implementation

Implementation is when the COOP plan is put into practical effect. It requires publishing the plan, presenting it to the entire business or organization, and educating employees on their responsibilities and roles in relation to the plan. Need to address two key issues:

  • Human Capital Management
  • Family Planning

Human Capital Management

People are real assets and valuable resources. Need to place the right people in the right jobs to perform the essential functions best. Ensure all employees have a clear understanding of what they are to do in an emergency.


Human capital management includes specific protocols for identifying and assisting special-needs employees.

Family Planning

Employees will need to focus on maintaining essential functions. They can do this better if they are not concerned about their families’ safety and security. COOP planning should include:

  • Activation of an information call-in number for employees.
  • A process to account for employees, and guidance and assistance to employees and their families.

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