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Phase 7: Revising and Updating

An effective COOP plan will not remain viable without regular review and revision. The following tasks are essential:

Training Key Personnel

Train all personnel who will be involved in COOP activities. Consider individual and team training, cross-training, and refresher training.

Conducting Periodic COOP Exercises

Should test and improve plans, procedures, systems, and equipment. Include a variety of hazards and exercise types.

Developing a Multi-Year Strategy and Program Management Plan

COOP should be reviewed at least annually as part of the organization’s training and exercise program. Designate a review team and establish a review cycle.

Distributing the COOP Plan

Distribute the plan either by:

  • Hardcopy – Difficult or impossible to track changes
  • Electronic Means – Preferred method

Relevant Planning Documents


Congratulations – You have finished your COOP and are disaster ready!!!!


For a copy of the Developing a Continuity of Operations Plan presentation (information contained over these series of web pages), click here.

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