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Behavioral Health

Address: 120 S. Hays Street ∙ 3rd Floor ∙ Bel Air Maryland 21014

Phone Number: 410-877-2340

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About Us

The Harford County Health Department’s Division of Behavioral Health (formerly known as Division of Addiction Services) supports healthy recovery through its commitment to our community and the achievement of meaningful outcomes. The Division of Behavioral Health (Division) is a multifaceted program that strives to meet the ever-changing behavioral health needs of the community.

Programs administered by the Division include:

  1. Community-Based Behavioral Health Treatment and Support Services  (Mental Health, Substance Use Disorder, and Addiction Services).
  2. Outreach, Education & Specialized Substance Use Disorder Programs 
    1. Overdose Prevention and Response Program
    2. Specialized Substance Use Disorder Programs in collaboration with the Harford County District and Circuit Court, Harford County Sheriff’s Office, Department of Social Services, Department of Juvenile Justice and Harford County’s Public and non-public schools


The mission of the Harford County Health Department’s Division of Behavioral Health is to ensure the residents of Harford County who are at risk of, or suffer from, mental, behavioral, or addictive disorders, have access to a continuum of Behavioral Health Service.


The vision of the Harford County Health Department’s Division of Behavioral Health is to enhance the well-being of the community by applying a behavioral health service delivery model that fosters resiliency, freedom from addiction and the attainment of psychological recovery.

Core Values

  • To treat everyone in a dignified and respectful manner
  • To identify, address and minimize barriers to treatment
  • To understand that partnerships, trust, and teamwork are vital to the development and application of services
  • To recognize the contributions and perspectives of others
  • To serve the ever-changing needs of the community, while honoring ethnic, religious and cultural diversities
  • To be attentive to the individualized needs of the community
  • To be accountable through continuous performance improvement
  • To always protect the privacy of others
  • To promote health literacy and informed choice
  • To invest in our community and ourselves through professional development and educational opportunities
  • To believe opportunities for growth are available and obtainable


The Division of Behavioral Health (Division) is led by an innovative and dynamic group of clinical, non-clinical and support professionals. The Division’s bottom-up philosophy encourages all staff to develop goals and take the initiative to achieve them, whether personally or professionally.

Division leaders are especially active in the community and their presence is valued on several educational and program development workgroups and committees.  With the ever changing needs of our community, Division leaders are committed to ensuring Division practices are effective and efficient.

The Division’s leaders strive to:

  1. Lead by example: by providing employees with the tools and resources necessary to build and model healthy lives.
  2. Motivate others: through a shared vision, by believing that recovery is possible.
  3. Empower others: by modeling teamwork and cooperation.
  4. Develop and enhance processes: by searching for opportunities, advocating on behalf of others, being transparent and taking risks.
  5. Build employee character: by recognizing contributions and celebrating values and victories.

Our Staff

Acting Division Director – Paula Nash   410-877-2360

Program Manager– Sheryl Deares  410-877-2356

Financial Supervisor- Sylvia DeLong 410-877-2344

Lead Secretary- Robin Boniface  410-877-2341

Administrative Reports and Policies

  1. Division’s Code of Ethics
  2. Annual Report 
  3. Cultural Competence and Diversity Plan
  4. Performance Improvement Report
  5. Accessibility Plan

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Harford County Health Department prohibits discrimination against its customers, employees, and applicants for employment on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity, religion, reprisal, and where applicable, political beliefs, marital status, familial or parental status, sexual orientation.

Reasonable Accommodations

The Harford County Health Department will process all requests for reasonable accommodations and where appropriate, provide reasonable accommodations in a prompt, fair and efficient manner.  Available accommodations can include but are not limited to telecommunication devices for deaf individuals (TTY), professional sign language and oral interpreters. For information or to request an accommodation, please contact please contact Robin Boniface at 410-877-2340 or by email at

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