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Maryland Health Connection Medical Assistance

Harford County Health Department

Swan Creek in Havre de Grace

2015 D /E  Pulaski Highway

Havre de Grace, MD 21078

Phone:  410-942-7999

Open 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday

Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP) provides free health care to eligible pregnant women and children with low to average incomes. Eligibility depends on family size and income.

Maryland Children’s Health Premium Program provides health care to eligible children at a low monthly premium for all middle-income families with no health insurance. Eligibility depends on family size and income.

Medical Assistance for Families will provide comprehensive health care to parents and other family members caring for children. Eligibility depends on family size and income.

Medical Assistance for Adults will provide medical assistance for single adults. Eligibility depends on family size and income.


How To Apply

  • In person at the Harford County Health Department.

Swan Creek in Havre de Grace

2015 D /E  Pulaski Highway

Havre de Grace, MD 21078


Frequently Asked Questions


I am pregnant and live with my parents, who signs the application? A pregnant woman of any age can complete and sign the application herself. Your eligibility is determined based on your income listed on the application, not your parents’. If your parents provide your food and shelter, indicate that on the application.

Can I apply for my grandchild (or niece, brother, etc.), if they live with me? Yes, if neither of the applicant’s parents live with the child you can apply as a caretaker relative.

When can I see a doctor? Once you become eligible for MCHP.

What do I do after I receive MCHP, MA or MCHP Premium? If you have questions regarding your medical assistance please contact our Administration Care Coordination Unit.

I am a parent or a family member caring for a child (or children) who are enrolled in medical assistance. Can I apply? Yes, parents and other family members caring for children are able to apply for medical assistance for families.

I am eligible for medical assistance. Can I receive coverage for my unpaid medical bills? You may be eligible coverage for medical bills incurred for the three months prior to enrollment.

Can I apply for food stamps and/or day care subsidies at the same time as medical assistance? Yes, you must go to the Department of Social Services at 2 S Bond Street, Bel Air MD 21014 to apply for multiple programs. The Health Department can only assist you with medical assistance.

Who do I contact if I have more questions? Please contact: MCHP office – 410-942-7999.

Where can I find a list of benefits covered by Medical Assistance? Please contact our Administrative Care Coordination Unit at 410-942-7999.

Can a single adult apply for Medical Assistance? Yes, adults can apply for medical assistance through the Maryland Health Connection.

Where can I find out about the affordable health care for small business? For more information, please contact the Maryland Health Connection at 1-855-642-8572.

How will I find out if I’m eligible? You will receive your eligibility determination when you submit your application.

Where do I get help if I have a problem with my MCO? You should work through your MCO’s Member Services Hotline first to resolve any problems. If you still need help, you can call the Enrollee Action Line at 1-800-284-4510.


Customer Rights and Responsibilities


Maryland Medical Assistance Programs

MCHP – MCHP-Premium – Medical Assistance for Families-Medical Assistance for Adults

Civil Rights – The application will be considered without regard to race, color, sex, age, handicap, religion, national origin or political belief. The applicant can request a hearing if he/she believe the State of Maryland, in processing his/her application, has made an error or if he/she feels discrimination occurred. The applicant has the right to appeal any action taken by the Department. If the applicant asks for a hearing, his/her case manager can help him/her put the request in writing. At his/her hearing, the applicant can speak for his or herself or have someone else represent him/her. He/she has a right to a written notice of all decisions affecting his/her eligibility. Please see the Summary of Procedures for Fair Hearings attachment for more information.


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