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Tobacco Use, Prevention, and Education

Tobacco Education and Treatment

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Tobacco Treatment Services 

Harford County Health Department Public Health Education Unit, through its Cigarette Restitution Fund grant, offers no-cost tobacco treatment (or “Quit Tobacco Classes) throughout the year to any adult tobacco user who wants to quit.  We request pre-registration for all classes. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) product, including patches, lozenges and gum, may be available at no cost to those who qualify. Click here for the Tobacco Treatment Class schedule.

Awareness and Prevention Services

The Harford County Health Department offers community- based initiatives and school-based initiatives to help prevent the use of tobacco and educate on the harmful effects.

Local Health Improvement Coalition- Tobacco Initiative 

In 2011, Maryland launched the State Health Improvement Process (SHIP) to prioritize Maryland’s health concerns. The goal of SHIP is to provide a framework for accountability, local action and public engagement to create and measure progress in Maryland’s health.  This initiative is implemented at the local level through Local Health Improvement Coalitions (LHICs).  The purpose of the LHIC is to improve the health of all residents with particular attention to health disparities.

Harford County Local Health Improvement Process (LHIP) centers around three health priorities for local action.   Workgroups and Local Health Action Plans have been established for each priority.

Tobacco Retailer Compliance, Educational, and Enforcement Services 

To put it simply—selling, distributing or promoting tobacco products to anyone under 18 years of age is illegal.  If you see suspicious activity, please report it by calling 410-612-1771.

Facts about Tobacco: