Healthy People in a Healthy Environment

Summertime Preparedness

Extremes in weather that result in excessively hot conditions can cause severe health problems, particularly for the young, the elderly and those with chronic medical conditions. Learn more about heat illness and measures you can take to prevent and treat it.

Heat Emergency Awareness

Understanding Heat Illness

Practicing basic, safe food handling is important enough in our daily lives.  But obtaining and storing food safely becomes more challenging during natural disasters or storms that can cause power outages.  Learn what steps to take to prepare for a possible emergency.

A Consumer’s Guide to Food Safety (Food Safety and Severe Storms)

Food and Water Safety During Hurricanes, Power Outages and Floods

Two keys to weather safety are to prepare for the risks and to act on those preparations when alerted by emergency officials. Learn the difference between hurricane “watches” and “warnings” and how to protect yourself and your family by planning ahead.

Hurricane Preparedness

Surviving the Storm

Since flood waters can contaminate and damage wells, property owners who have them in flood prone areas should learn how to protect their wells. This Guidance is intended to supplement flood precautions issued by local health and environmental departments.

Well Protection in Flood Prone Areas

Be Red Cross Ready: