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Memorandum: Wet Season Perc Testing

To:                Development Community and the General Public

From:           Leonard W. Walinski, LEHS

Program Supervisor

Re:                2017 Wet Season Soil Testing

Date:             March 23, 2017

At the end of February 2017, the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) declared a drought warning for the Central Region of Maryland of which Harford County is located.  The Harford CountyHealth Department (HCHD) also maintains a network of groundwater monitoring wells that provide a more up-to–date status of local conditions.  For the most part, the water table levels observed in our wells also reflect a suppressed water table for this season due primarily to the lower than normal precipitation

The wet weather testing season for 2017 is at risk of being postponed or severely compressed.  If you have questions concerning the current status of the 2017 wet season testing program, please contact Leonard Walinski via phone at 410-877-2317 or via e-mail: leonard.walinski@

This office will continue to monitor our network of groundwater monitoring wells and with input from the MDE determine the appropriate status of the wet testing season.

Any soil percolation test application received that is not completed, the application will be returned and the application fee refunded.  These applications should be re-submitted after January 1, 2018 for testing in the 2018 wet season.