Healthy People in a Healthy Environment

November 2, 2011 Coalition Steering Committee Meeting


Materials Presented


Steering Coalition Membership

On December 8, 2011, the Harford County LHIC met at Harford Community College using the World Café model  format to prioritize local health improvement objectives. This format actively engages groups as they move from table to table learning about different health issues, after which they communicate their feedback to the larger group as a whole. The meeting was sponsored by Harford County Health Department in partnership with Upper Chesapeake Health, and in cooperation with Healthy Harford, the Harford County healthy people initiative. The coalition included a mix of approximately 60 community members representing a broad array of individual and organizational interests.

Welcome and introductory remarks were made by Susan Kelly, Health Officer, Harford County Health Department.  A PowerPoint presentation was then delivered by Madeleine Shea, PhD, Director, Office of Population Health Improvement, DHMH, which outlined the Maryland SHIP process. This was followed by a second PowerPoint, presented by Russell Moy, MD, MPH, Deputy Health Officer, Harford County Health Department, which explained the LHIP process and what it means to us on the local level, as well as specific information on Harford County health data and community health indicators.