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Outreach, Education and Specialized Substance Use Disorder Programs

Overdose Prevention and Response Program

Opioid Prevention Plan: In June of 2013, the Division in collaboration with the Harford County Department of Community Services – Office of Drug Control Policy, developed an Opioid Prevention Plan. The purpose of the plan was to assess, identify, strategize and develop advances in prevention, coordination and treatment services to reduce death or potential death, related to the misuse of opioids. The Opioid Prevention Plan outlines the implementation of various strategic initiatives overdose deaths shall be reduced by 10 %.

Naloxone Certification and Training Program: Since 2014, The Division has provided an educational training and certification program under the Maryland Overdose Response Program. With this authorization, the Division is able to implement a Naloxone Certification Training which is designed to educate and certify community members who, either through their occupation, family or social experience, may encounter a person who is experiencing an opioid overdose. Calendar

View the upcoming Naloxone training here.

Naloxone Re-Certification Packet

Drug Overdose Fatality Review Team: the Overdose Fatality Review Team reviews recent deaths within Harford County and of Harford County residents from Drug overdoses. The primary objectives of this Team is to:

1. Developing an understanding of the causes and incidence of drug overdose deaths in the county;
2. Develop plans for and recommending changes within county and state agencies represented on the local team to prevent drug overdose deaths; and
3. Advise the Department on changes to law, policy, or practice, including the use of devices that are programmed to dispense medications on a schedule.

Adult Drug Court Program & Family Recovery Court

The Division actively collaborates with the Harford County’s court to develop and implement treatment and educational services for nonviolent substance use disorder offenders.

SUD Counseling at HCPS Alternative Education Program

The Division provides treatment and educational services to at-risk youth within Harford County’s public and non-public school systems.

§8-508 Evaluations

As determined by the local courts, clients are referred to the Division for an evaluation to determine if Substance Use Disorder services are necessary prior to disposition.

Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA) Program

 The Division conducts Substance Use Disorder screening assessments in coordination with and upon request from the local Department of Social Services.

Community-Based Vivitrol Program

In collaboration with the Harford County Detention Center and Harford County Sheriff’s Office, Vivitrol treatment is being implemented during detainment and after release for those inmates who met the medical criteria. Vivitrol is a medication used for the treatment of Alcohol and Opioid Dependence.